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Hi. We’re Studio 9. A Bangalore based graphic design and creative studio.

We are a full service digital creative studio specializing in innovative branding, design, advertising and web development.

We feel pretty blessed that each day we can do what we love most. And that’s exactly the vibe we maintain within our studio – a place with unconditional space for creativity, expression, reflection and having a good time.

We will work with you to design your brand identity and make it evolve in a consistent and modern fashion on each and every connected device.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to create a strong brand (or an old player wishing for a brand makeover), a company in need of a sales tool, or a business who wants to go online, we can help you. But don't take our word for it, have a look at some of our work.

Our Clients

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In today’s distracting surroundings, messages only break through when they are extraordinary. And that’s a challenge. But we at Studio 9 say, “Challenge Accepted. Let’s create extraordinary things together.”

What we offer


Social Media Marketing

Branding & Communications

UI/UX Design



We follow a simple, iterative process

01 Learn

02 Iterate

03 Launch

Have a project in mind?

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We work with local and global advertising agencies. Our goal is to create long lasting relationships through close collaboration.

As a creative partner we can team up in any project phase. However, we are at our best when involved from the beginning.

Here are some of the projects we’re most proud of or where we had fun in the making.

Our Clients


We are eager to work with you on your next project but before that we'd like to get to know you. In fact, we insist on it.


Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!


+91 80 6565 5764



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