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Please tell us about Osho. Who is he?

Osho is a contemporary enlightened master, who has revived the essence of spirituality for the modern seekers. Along the lineage of enlightened masters Like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao tzu, Astabakra and,

Shiva, Osho’s teaching help humanity to attain the ultimate flowering of its consciousness as Buddhas. But furthermore, Osho’s teaching embraces the philosophy of a wholesome richness – an individual who is

capable of enjoying the worldly riches like Zorba and can rest into his inner silence like the Buddha. To this end, Osho has devised 600 unparalleled scientific meditation techniques.

What is Osho Tapoban?

Osho Tapoban is a non – profit religious trust with a sole objective of enhancing the quality of life of people as per the vision of Osho. It is located at the outskirts of Kathmandu valley amidst Himalayan forest where Nagarjuna, an eminent exponent of Buddhist philosophy meditated for 30 years and attained ultimate

enlightenment. It is 12 km for airport, 10km from Kathmandu city center, and 6km from Balaju Bus Park.

What happens in Osho Tapoban?

Osho Tapoban is the commune of Osho where Osho meditation techniques are practiced throughout the year. Tapoban provides 1 hr yoga, 6 meditation classes (1 hr each) and Arati every day with gaps in between for meals.

Can anyone participate in meditation?

Osho Tapoban is an international retreat center so any seekers from any part of the world are welcome in Osho Tapoban.

What is the duration of meditation programs that Tapoban offers?

Tapoban provides weekend meditation camps, 7 days camps and 21 days meditation programmes. There

are also several therapy packages such as Osho No-Mind therapy and Mystic Rose Therapy .For you can check our website or buy our calendar at the reception office.

What is weekend camp and what should we do to participate in this camp?

Weekend is the shortest residential meditation camp at Osho Tapoban. It starts from Friday evening and lasts until Sunday morning.

Person participating in this program should call us before arrival and must arrive before 5pm. Participant must have maroon and white robe compulsorily. For camp rates, Please refer to Price tariff section of this file.

Are weekend programmes the available throughout year?

No, weekend programs are not provided during transformation camps (7 days camps). You can call reception before planning arrival or can consult our website to make sure that you don’t arrive on odd times.

Where can we get the robes from?

One can buy robes for Rs 550 to Rs 3500 at the reception office at arrival. Participants can get their own robes in plain maroon and plain white colour.

What are the rates of Room in Osho Tapoban?

call office to inquire about prices

Does a room rate include meals?

Yes, rate includes 3 full-course meals, two times tea and all meditation activities.

How can we book for the programs in Osho Tapoban?

You can call us on 01-5112012, 9841597788, and 9843599185 or email us on You need make an advance booking by depositing directly at Osho Tapoban directly or through the bank account.

Can Depression /psychological patients or alcohol addicted people be treated in Osho Tapoban?

No, we do not have exclusive treatment packages. Our meditation programmes are designed basically for meditative purpose. Osho Tapoban is unable to take responsibility of people in need of special care.

What should we bring to come for residential camps in Osho Tapoban?

One must buy or bring at least a pair of maroon and one white robe.

Personal toilettes, towels, slippers, trousers, sweaters & shawls (as per season) can be brought by participants on their own. One can also buy them at the reception office.

Does Tapoban offer nonresidential programs?

All programs in Tapoban are residential . Though Tapoban conducts Satsang and one day non residential meditation program on every Saturday. For Saturday Satsangs, people can join from 2:30 till 5:00 pm. At the end of the Satsang, we provide tea and snacks in sujata kitchen and bus drops you from Tapoban to Balaju for free. Saturday visit charge is 60Rs for visitors, 35Rs for members and 200Rs for foreigners. Welcome pass for Tapoban visit is 35 Rs for SAARC countries and Rs 200 for foreigners on all other week days except Saturday.

Can we bring children with us?

Avoid bringing children below 10 years old. But, if you bring them then you must make arrangements that they do not disturb you and others in the commune, otherwise they are most welcome. You can bring in a caretaker.