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His Journey

Ordinary to Beyond Extra Ordinary

Swami Anand Arun

Swami Arun always insists on calling himself an ordinary man and humbly points towards his master for all that has manifested around him. And what has manifested is beyond extraordinary! 

Meet Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun, a disciple, a seeker and a renowned meditation teacher. At a very early age, Swamijee’s spiritual inclination and pursuit took him to many masters and spiritual leaders and one day the same pursuit took him to his master. On March 29, 1969, when he was still a student of engineering, Swami Arun first met Osho. In the very first glimpse he realised his search for a master had come to an end. In 1974, he took initiation from Osho at Pune when a young Arun Kumar Singh became Swami Anand Arun.After a few months of staying with his master, he was instructed to open an ashram in nepal and spread his vision.

Today Swami Arun is a key public figure from Nepal with a global following of millions as a spiritual leader, life coach, meditation and yoga teacher, celebrated author, orator and the founder of Osho Tapoban International Commune and 100 other Osho ashrams and centers around the world.

Named as 100 influential people of Nepal, the President of Nepal awarded him with the state honour Prabal Janasewa Shree Award for his contributions to the society in promoting meditation and his help in tackling mental health issues, substance abuse in the youth and his contribution in saving the environment through his “Plant a tree on your birthday’ program which created waves of ecological awareness nationally. The renowned English daily Annapurna Express recently listed him as one of the 50 visionaries of Nepal.

Books authored by Swami Anand Arun include Lone Seeker Many Masters, In Wonder with Osho, Satsang, Panchseel – five sutras of transformation in English, Santo Ke Sangh in Hindi and Achamma Jo Maile Dekhen , Santa Darshan, Santa Gatha and Antar Yatra in Nepali. Most of these books are national bestsellers and the English books have already been translated into Russian and Japanese language.

Jewels of Transformation

My Mission, My Message

I see that everyone in this world can be happy and its very simple but sadly we all try to achieve it through the wrong ways. Most of the people in the world today believe that only by winning and by being victorious over others one can be happy. All the wars we see, the unnecesarry competitions and ambititious race in our society today are a consequence of this unhealthy belief. We only need to observe carefully, a victory that comes at the price of others is never sustainable and only brings more misery. Only the happiness that doesn't come at the price of others can make you really happy and infact the very quality of this joy exudes more healing, love and compassion in this world . To be happy myself and to help others to be happy! This is my message and mission of my life.

Swami Anand Arun

Unlearning from Osho

One thing I have learnt from my master is how to unlearn that which is not needed or is hindering me on my spiritual path. Even today Osho constantly reminds me, guides me to drop all my old patterns of investing in mysery and unconsciousness. I am a joyful person today only because of my Master. It all happened just by hanging around Him. When I once told him that I was a very miserable person he told me just to hang around him and that he would free me of all my miseries and make me one of the happiest person on Earth. Not only that he also said he would make my joy communicable and anybody who came close to me would feel joyful. And this is exactly what He did. This is the magic of Osho. You don’t learn with Osho, you transform! You transform into a conscious and joyful being.

Blessings & Gratitude!

Osho Samadhi is the heart of Tapoban. Located atop a small hillock one enters into the Samadhi space through an easy flight of stairs. Surrounded by a small pool of spring water is an almost pyramid shaped granite and marble structure that are built around an ancient tree that holds a great spiritual value as it is the daughter of the same tree under which the great Buddhist adept Nagarjuna attained enlightenment. Osho’s astu are buried in the same marble monument creating a radius of strong energyfield. The samadhi is open for meditation and silent sitting. There are two other climate controlled therapy halls at the ashram that can host group meditations and therapies.

In Conversation with

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

For the last 5 decades, Swami Anand Arun has been on a constant move travelling the world sharing meditation and Osho’s vision making himself accessible to thousands of people globally. When asked about what inspires him even at such an advanced age he says, “My master showered his love and compassion on me and it is my greatest joy to share the same with this world, to share Him.”